Ascea Marina beach

Discover the most beautiful places in Cilento

Velia, Paestum and the villages of the mountain areas

Extended along the banks of the Alento river, “La Fattoria” is situated in an ideal position for everybody who wants to spend their holidays in contact with the beauties of the Cilento.

In the course of time, the Cilento has experienced changing fortunes and many historical events, cultures and traditions that are still alive in its social fabric and in the remains, with which hills and plains are strewn. Popular festivals rich in traditions, monuments conveying emotions that can only be compared with those given by the so many wonderful natural views of the Cilento.

It is a precious microcosm from which is possible to draw unforgettable sensations: Palinuro, Acciaroli, Paestum, Velia, the ancient villages in the hinterland, but also the Amalfi Coast and Capri, that can be reached by means of the boat service link “Metrò del Mare” in a little more than an hour with a fast cruiser.

What to visit

  • navigate_nextThe archaeological excavations of Velia about 1 km from us (in Ascea)
  • navigate_nextThe Museum of Mediterranean Diet about 3 km from us (in Pollica)
  • navigate_nextThe Temples of Paestum about 25 km from us (in Capaccio)
  • navigate_nextThe gorges of the Calore river about 40 km from us (in Felitto)
  • navigate_nextPiano Vetrale: the village of murals about 23 km from us (in Orria)

Photos of Cilento

Images of the beaches, historical places and the hinterland of Cilento.